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Sonia Booth

Did you grow up in a house [full or bereft] of books?
My aunt was obsessed with Danielle Steele, she read all her books. Her prized possession must have been the bookcase and all her books.
What is your earliest memory of an adult – a family member, reading a book?
I know for a fact that my aunt couldn’t wait to come back home from work just to read. That’s all she ever did.
What was the first ever full length novel that you read and finished?
I think it was “Hot Temper” by Evelyn Rogers.
What was your English set-work at Matric? Hope it was not Romeo and Juliet!
Julius Caesar; now I am revealing my age.
Have you ever borrowed books from friends and never returned them?
Yes I have, I hope they don’t see this otherwise they will ask me to return them.
Richard Steele says ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.’ Please tell me why you agree or disagree. 
You can’t expect to have a strong healthy body if you don’t exercise and you can’t expect to broaden your mindset and to have meaningful profound conversations if you don’t read.
How often do you buy books? What is the latest you’ve bought?
I buy at least two a month, at some point I bought 22 books at once. We have a library at home. We try to set an example and to make reading cool for our two boys. My latest purchases are ‘Empire’ by Zareef Minty and ‘Trapped’ by Gayton Mckenzie.
A footballer’s wife; do you necessarily buy books on soccer, if at all?
No chance…It’s bad enough that I’ve been subjected to football all my life, thanks to my uncles and later on….my husband…and now our two boys.
Do books form part of your home décor; maybe a bookshelf here, a coffee table with books there?
We have books everywhere, formal lounge, pyjama lounge, library, kids lounge, our bedroom and both our boys’ bedrooms. Our 7 year-old reads two books a day from school, our 11 year-old reads Diary Of A Wimpy Kid in two days. He started reading the Harry Potter series when he was 9.
Do you have a favourite author/s? Why do you read their books?
I have all of Paulo Coelho’s books. He is deep and his messages are profound. I am also a fan of Zakes Mda, I have all his books as well.
How long did it take you to write your own book?
Three months
A Dutch proverb says ‘Women and books should be looked at daily.’ Do not answer for those of us who look at you; tell me instead about you looking at books. Is it daily?
I am a serial reader, at any given time I have at least three books by my bedside. I try to read daily, even if I’m tired I will read articles from Destiny or Entrepreneur magazines or newspapers before I doze off.
What do you think of service delivery protests where libraries are often burnt down?
It is barbaric, same as torching schools. Books and schools are sacrosanct, destroy them at your own peril.
Do you read in bed or curl up with a book on the couch?
Depending on my mood and day of the week, I read in bed before I sleep. I also use weekends to read in bed. During the day I curl up on the couch.
Do you read bedtime stories to your kid/s?
I read to them when I was pregnant and we have read to them every night since they were born. The older of the two reckons he is too old to be read to, which we totally understand. They grow up too quickly.
An unknown author says: The man [or woman] who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man who can’t read. What is your view on this?
I fully agree. It begs the question: would you rather be stupid or ignorant? I’d rather be stupid because at least I’d have options to enhance my brain cells, there is no cure for ignorance.
I do not know if any of the models have biographies out. What have you read about Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer or any of the big hitters that you took out of a book about them?
I have not read about them, I am interested in the biographies of the likes of Wangari Mathaai, Graca Machel, Dr Mamphele Ramphela, Richard Maponya, Winnie and Nelson Mandela, etc. I did read Alek Wek’s biography, awe-inspiring story of resilience and perseverance.
Do you talk about books with your girlfriends, over and above or as part of the girl-talk?
Yes we discuss our latest reads and we recommend ‘must reads’.
Do you give books as birthday/graduation/anniversary presents?
I give mine. Kill two birds with one stone! Promote my book and cut costs … (*laughs*)
Would you ever consider owning a book shop as part of extending your business reach?
Absolutely…now that would be a legacy of note (no pun intended).
Have you ever read a book and looked forward to its movie or watched a film because the book version had really moved you?
I believe “Endings and Beginnings” by Redi Tlhabi will be turned into a movie, I can’t wait. I read the book in two days; it was unputdownable.
Share with us details of your upcoming book, apparently inspired by your ordeal in hospital after a health scare? 
Surviving ICU is meant to remind everyone of how strong they are, or rather, that you don’t know how strong you are until faced with a tragedy or adversity. I can safely call myself Chuck Norris. I can’t share much, just buy and read the book when it is published.
Will there be a third book, a fourth, fifth …
I am busy with Sodom & Gomorrah and 2 Years Of Bliss, 18 Years Of Batter.
Please write a paragraph – an introduction to a book titled BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Write about your own coffee-coloured complexion, celebrating it, in this age of skin bleaching
I fully understand women who bleach their skin. I grew up in a society that believed all dark-skinned girls were ugly. Modelling helped me to develop a thick skin and also gave me the confidence to accept and love myself. I have a public profile and thus use the social media platform to remind young dark-skinned girls that they are gorgeous. #ProudMantsho #BlackBone #Cocopops #BleachForWho #BleachForWhat #BleachOnlyUsedToDisinfectMyToilet
Would you buy a book that opens with the above paragraph?
-         Sonia Booth, one of South Africa’s best-known WAGS, a model and an achiever in her own right, already has a book out. She’s working on her second after a health scare.
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